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ETDryw, Aug 12, 12 11:59 AM.
Hey guys, I just want to congratulate all who were present for our guilds first heroic kill of many to come.  The loot drops can be found on the calendar under the event and on the forums.  I will keep a running list of all heroic drops to ensure that items are being distributed fairly.  Again, congrats and keep up the good work. Heroic: Morchok (Achievement)

A little late

ETDryw, Aug 2, 12 1:09 AM.
Sooo, havent been on here in awhile, but we hit 25!!!(like 6 months ago) 

A reminder from Ath

Athtar, Apr 25, 12 3:25 PM.

Hello all!  First off, I would like to congratulate and thank everyone because we’ve reached guild level 22.  Isn’t that great?  We’ve put in a lot of work to get this far.  Hard work, patience, dedication, and perseverance make a guild level in the game, but its friendliness, honesty, understanding, and helpfulness that make us level in a different sort of way.  *Insert sentimental background music here*

By now, we all know each other’s personalities and I believe we get along better because of it.  Taking time to understand someone’s life will always be a better outcome than simply dismissing them—or worse, slapping them with a derogatory label and spreading negative words about them.  Targeting someone personally or constantly playing the victim is an immature way to deal with your issues.  Everyone makes choices, everyone deals with things at home, and everyone needs a little understanding sometimes.  I think that’s what makes our guild so special… and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that we actually care about each other and not just our in-game connection.  This guild isn’t about rules, revenge, drama, and fault.  Honestly I think most of us would rather avoid that mess, so keep that in mind the next time someone calls you crazy, rude, or even minion-esque.  If you (or someone you know) can’t play nicely—in all senses of the term—take a chill pill and reexamine the situation, talk about it, and try to work it out.  We just want to play this game with the people we care about.  Simple. As. That. 

So, as we progress and welcome more people, remember to treat them like friends too!  We welcome and help everyone.  Remember how you felt when you were a struggling level 70?  Offer some help, some gear, or some advice.  This game is as good as you make it be, so let’s make our guild the best possible experience a player can have.

Anyways, I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to every one of you for making this game fun!  Peace and love to all of you, my old and new guildies alike.  (And that’s my sentimental speech for the month)

Long time, no see...

Athtar, Apr 5, 12 2:08 PM.
Well it's been a while since I bragged about us... but we are most definitely the most awesome level 18 guild  

Level 14, and still going!

Athtar, Feb 25, 12 9:03 PM.
Yup, we're officially level 14!  Isn't that exciting?  Congrats to everyone!
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